Vermicelli Thai Prawn Salad


Not to toot my own horn but this was whipped up on a whim when I just wanted something fresh and light after over-eating for the weekend ūüéČ This ticked all the boxes and more-¬† it would easily serve 4, as I had leftovers for a couple of lunches!

There is something so satisfying when a meal is punching with flavour, light and easy to digest but makes you feel full and satiated! 

Give this super quick meal a try! Don’t forget to tag me in your creations to be featured¬† ¬†@thewholesome.heart¬†

Ingredients (*Choose organic where possible)

300g Prawns 
Rice Vermicelli Noodles 
2 Carrots, shaved 
2 Lebanese Cucumbers, shaved 
1 bunch Coriander, roughly Chopped
1 Lime
1 Chilli 

Marinade for Prawns 
3 tbsp Tamari (GF Soy Sauce) 
3cm knob Ginger, grated
1 tbsp Honey
2 tbsp Garlic Oil


Make marinade and pour over prawns. Allow to sit for 10mins or longer if possible.

Boil kettle and pour hot water over the noodles let them soak for a few minutes before draining.

Prepare carrots, cucumber, chilli in a large bowl. Add noodles splash of white wine vinegar, lime juice and sesame oil. Toss and Set aside.

Cook prawns on medium heat 1-3 mins each side. Add to vermincilli salad and serve immediately.

Works perfectly for left overs for lunch!!

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