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My name is Jasmine, I speciliase in Women’s Health. My approach is to simplify, educate and empower you to understand you body to be able to tackle this busy world we live in!

My unique 4 Seed Approach to Holistic Health 

Stress – Lets be #tooblessedtobestressed

Removing unwanted stress! We live in a crazy world and stress is inevitable so I want to show you how to nourish your body in stressful times and keep the energy and momentum you need! 

I want you to jump out of bed and actually FEEL REFRESHED, when there is stress in the body this just goes out the window… am I right?

Stress can also be perceived by the body from things like food intolerances, gut issues, hormone imbalances, illness, chronic diseases, inflammation etc! So lets address these and get to the ROOT CAUSE!

Gut Health – AKA #banishthebloat

Gut health is a hot topic and for good reason! We now know that ‘most’ disease begins in the gut! Imbalanced gut flora and unhealthy guts can lead to inflammation, IBS, constipation, sleep issues, mood disorders, food intolerances, allergies, hormone imbalances etc. YOU NAME IT! The gut is KEY to our overall health and I want to get to the root cause of your issues, find the problem and FIX IT… not just a band aid approach that will eventually comeback! NO THANKS!

Back to Backs – #nourishingnutrition

Removing the stress and overwhlem that has been created aroundf ‘heralthy living’ these days! Quick, simple meals you can whip up even after a looooong day at work! 

Understanding what works FOR YOUR body, how to read labels on the fly (no need to spend hours in the supermarket) how to save money on your weekly shop – ALL the ways to SIMPLIFY your life and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that you wont need me again 🙂 

Hormones – #findyourflow

My fav topic! Why weren’t we taught that our period and cycle can actually HELP us every month!! I want to educate you to understand what happens every month and why we feel the way we do. PMS is COMMON but doesnt mean it is NORMAL… lets understand WHY your body is giving you warning signals each month. 

Who would have known that hormone imbalances appear in so many ways… decreased libido, weight gain, mood swings, cravings, thyroid dysfunction, liver detoxifying issues, PMS, high cortisol, sleep issues, insomnia, hot flushes, water retention, constipation, diarrhea, brittle nails, hair loss, ACNE.. ahh the list is endless!!

Did you know you can use your cycle to BOOST your energy! I’ll show you how 🙂 

Let’s bring your hormones back into balance and find your flow…

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