4 Ways to turn a SH*T Day around ! Quickly!


Tired after a long day… Have you ever thought your body might be tired because you’ve been criticising and judging it all day… One thing I love to say to my clients to explain the impact of our inner-critic is… Would you say those words to your mother? to your best friend? Your sister? NO?! Then why the hell are … Read More

Monday Meditation Check in! Mean Girls and Over-Exertion!

My Monday Mediation looked a little like this…. And boy did I need it! I have been affected by my external surroundings lately and forgetting to connect inward. Last week was quite challenging for me, mentally. I over-exerted myself and just kept saying ‘YES’, even though I didn’t have to. By the time the weekend came I was bloody exhausted. … Read More

Negative Talk- The harsh reality


No?! Then why do you say them to YOURSELF?     Check out the video below, of two best friend who wrote down everything they hate about their bodies… and then said it to each other. This is a really powerful video to make you see how important self-love is… love the skin you’re in, There is no one in … Read More

Are you in an abusive relationship… with yourself?


When you hear of someone being in an abusive relationship, I’m sure like myself, it absolutely breaks your heart to hear that someone can feel so trapped, and unable to escape that kind of evil, debilitating environment. Did you ever stop to think that you could in fact be creating this environment… with yourself! Abuse is not always as obvious … Read More