Digestion & Gut Health 101 – What do after over-eating?


I’m here to save you beauty! and bring your gut back to balance!!

I am a big believer in getting to the root cause of what is causing your severe inflammation and bloating… or constant running to the loo…. or creating a blockage :/

Which is why i want to educate you to understanding your body, what it is trying to tell you, how to listen and how to heal. 

This story it to show you that even I suffer from flares still. Not to my own fault, but because we cannot control what others serve… stressful situations happen… travel happens etc all of these can effect your gut!

If you have been following me you will know i suffered from a VERY unhappy and inflamed gut. with a list longer than Santa’s, of gut issues, intolerance and symptoms.

I basically couldn’t eat ANYTHING, even water would bloat me. It was a horrible time, I suffered emotionally, mentally and it was embarrassing looking 6 months pregnant every day… 

I can proudly now say, I have healed, sealed and re-balanced my gut back to full health and would say that it stays this way 90% of the time! 

But as we know life happens, stress happens and that can result in an imbalance or bring on a flare of symptoms.

See below 🙁 I went out to a restaurant and ordered a pasta dish (I don’t follow a ‘diet’ however I do remove gluten and dairy and trigger foods) therefore I asked the dish to be Dairy and Gluten Free… 

Within  MINUTES of finishing the meal, and I’m not exaggerating MINUTES, the symptoms, pain, and bloating began! This was a really bad flare and probably took about a week to calm…. so im guessing there was more than dairy and gluten that bought this on. 

I want to share all my tips, so of course there will be a few that you may know BUT, I’ve made sure there are a few in here you might not have tried…


The last thing you want to do is move… I know! But the moment we lay down, our digestive system thinks its sleep time which means switch off! And that’s the LAST thing you want your digestive system to do.
I’m not talking head out the door for a F45 sweat sesh, I mean a gentle stroll, a foam roll, gentle yoga, anything that gets the body moving!

Drink water

Help flush out the toxins and get that food moving through your digestive system ready to ELIMINATE! This one is a no brainer, and a general 101 go-to. So to take it to the next level add some fresh organic lemon or ginger! Or even better… try the next one…

Greens Powder / Alkalizing Greens

It’s time to balance your pH levels and stimulate the elimination of toxins from your body. Buying a high quality organic alkalising greens powder, you get a boost of absorbable nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
Please make sure when looking for a quality greens powder, it is Organic and free from Synthetics. It’s such a powerhouse tool to add have on the daily for strong immunity, bright skin, reduce inflammation, anti-ageing, gut health, stable blood sugar levels, energy and daily nutrition.

Digestive Tea / Metabolise Me Tea

This is the one we’ve ALL been waiting for 😛 ahhhh the Metabolise Me Tea! Formulated by doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this cleanse is designed to help cleanse, purge and detoxify your digestive system gently with minimal effort.

Simply infuse the herbs and drink the tea each day! SIMPLES!

I find this tea so gentle and helpful on my bloated and overloaded tummy. Let’s be clear this is NOT a ‘skinny me’ or ‘detox’ tea – those are basically a diuretic and very harsh on your tummy. This gentle allows yours body to eliminate toxins and waste as it normally should!


I am so damn grateful to be able to share a special code that will allow you to reap the benefits AND a discount!! BOOM!


Head over the link below and use the code ‘IAMBEYONCE2612’


Dr Abbie, is a Chinese Dr that is basically my guru of wellness!


Some people are scared of fasting because they think they are ‘starving’ or ‘depriving’ their body. So lets clear this one up. By allowing your body adequate time between meals, it can properly digest, absorb and use the nutrients as it needs to then remove the unwanted waste. However, these days sometimes we overwat, and overload our system that it can’t possible finish the digestion of the previous meal before we have already added more food for it to break down.

So try intermittent fasting (of course under the watch of a health professional, I’d be happy to chat and educate you on the way to properly do this) then when its time for your next meal, you load up on absorbable, high quality ingredients and give your body what it really wants!


Deep belly breaths 

Simple and no brain work here! Take 10 deep belly breathes, just do it right now. Breathe in for the count of 5, hold for 2, and breathe out for 7. This send your cortisol levels down, and brings calmness to your body, so it knows there is no threat, there is nothing to worry about, you are safe, you are well, and it can get back to bizz-ness!!



Sometimes there is some serious ‘stuck-ness’ going on… it just wont move! So a gentle clockwise massage can really help your body eliminate.


No raw food/ cold food 

The body is already overloaded so try to incorporate warmed, light foods. Not so many salads, or cruskits, or celery or ice-cold drinks etc. The warmer the better, then your digestive system doesn’t have to work so hard to break it all down.

This is a snippet from my ebook ‘Banish the Bloat’ where I go into further detail and get to the root cause of YOUR issues, as each person is completely different, I personalize each approach.

If your digestive system is feeling a little sluggish, over-worked and you’re not feeling like your absorbing or breaking down foods properly, lets chat about how we can improve your gut health and get it back on track.

If you’ve ever been told, you are ‘low’ in a particular nutrient, there is a good chance there is something deeper going on and you need to get to the root cause. I was told I was iron deficient and needed an infusion… but it was much deeper than just sticking  needle in and pumping me up.. the question you need to ask is WHY do I need an infusion? WHY is my body not absorbing the iron I eat? WHAT is actually causing my body to do this?

The more we ask the more we heal… properly! No band aid fixes here!

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