My TOP de-bloating Teas!


I wanted to share with you guys some helpful tips if you are feeling a little bloated or heavier in the afternoon… these teas help you reduce inflammation, debloat, and calm the digestive system but to be honest they are just awesome to sip on throughout the day to help your gut!

If you cant seem to drink enough water, I know it can get hard! Flavouring the water is one way – by adding cucumber, frozen berries, kiwi fruit etc one of my fav refreshers is mint and cucumber. But the next best way to keep up your liquid is herbal teas. So here are a few of my favs:

  1. Ginger Tea

Duh, of course this was going to be my numero uno. I am talking fresh ginger root steeped in hot water! The bomb diggity for stimulating digestion and elimination. It can also help you if you are feeling nauseas.

  1. Dandelion Root Tea

Dandy tea is pretty incredible to be honest, but usually overlooked. If you struggle with coffee and it gives you the jitters, you can introduce dandelion tea. Although, it is caffeine free it taste similai-ish but is loaded with benefit’s like stimulating your liver to detoxify and helping with a bloated belly.

You can buy it in a mix or on its own, you can even use the dandelion weed – if its good quality haha not from the park 😛 The stem, flowers and leaves all have the incredible powers.

  1. Peppermint Tea

Ahh trusty peppermint, ye’ old faithful. This is one I have often after dinner as a digestive, because it’s also sweet and reminds me over peppermint chocolate haha Peppermint is a fantastic digestive as it relaxes your system and allows you to de-bloat and reduce cramping.

Try a quality organic peppermint tea or essential oil.

  1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is great when you want to calm the mind. But, interestingly it is also very therapeutic when dealing with gas, bloating and nausea. I found a beautiful blend by Pukka that is Chamomile, Manuka Honey and Vanilla – to die for!

One of my favorite afternoon pick me ups, is an almond chai latte (always ask for chai leaves if you’re out, the syrups can be loaded with sugars and other crap) or a coconut turmeric latte.

You can make them yourself with my two recipes, I share my fav brands too!

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