Check in – Are you being authentically you?

Self Check-in AKA Real Talk…

So I feel like I have been posting a whole bunch of ‘pretty’ and ‘happy’ photos lately, which are 100% genuine, as I am so conscious of what I post, to ensure it aligns with what The Wholesome Heart represents (I am seriously loving sharing everything with you all and love creating this space!) However I just wanted to put it out there, there, I may be smiling allot but there are still moments in my day when I feel defeated, exhausted, lathargic, uninspired, angry, sad… I am by no means perfect and as I continue to put myself and my story out there I want you to know, it’s ok to have these feelings for a minute, an hour, a day or however long you feel it!

The difference (for me) now, is I recognise the feeling and I accept it for what it is, a feeling. I don’t attach on to it and I don’t allow it to control me. By accepting and acknowledging it, I am allowing it to come, and let it go.

It isn’t always so simple, but each time it does get easier.

When I have these moments, I am also aware, it is just that, a shitty moment or a shitty day but in the scheme of things I am damn happy! Life is good!

Sometimes you just need to ask yourself, will this problem/feeling still matter in 5 minutes, 5 weeks, 5 months, 5 years?

Then it will be clear to see if it’s worth your time now! 9/10 it isn’t worth a second thought… It’s ok not to be ‘happy’ 100% of the time… you can’t control what is happening around you, but you can control the way you react!

I urge to to check in with yourself today… be kinder and let that shit go.

Is it time to check in….
with yourself?

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