Body Love & Self-Confidence Interview


I think we should encourage Self-love & Acceptance, instead of another generation of Men & Women who think they aren’t the right shape, the right weight, not fit enough, not successful enough, not pretty enough, or simply not good enough!

Imagine not living in self-attack mode and always trying to ‘fix’ ourselves… ❤️

I was lucky enough to be interviewed along with a whole bunch of beautiful women to chat all things body confidence and how to love the skin you’re in!!

I am so passionate about this because of the journey I have been on with my own body. I am finally in such an amazing place, where I genuinely LOVE my body and respect it. I am grateful to move my everyday because I can, not because I need to lose weight.

I know it can be hard to look in mirror and not pick out everything you hate… but I truly believe that once you start to love yourself, inside & out, the rest falls into place. I feed my body when it’s hungry, I listen to the cravings and nourish it.

I’ve stopped measuring my self-worth by the way I look, the size I am or how successful I am, they don’t define me.

What an amazing initiative @girlbehindthelook – Self-love is my JAM !

There is no one in this entire world like you… shine bright just as you are.Jasmine Fitzgibbon, The Wholesome Heart
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