How to pick HEALTHY TAKEAWAY options – because life happens and we can’t cook erryday!


So, it’s been a long day at work, you’ve quickly made it to the gym, and whoops you forgot to prep food on the weekend so now the only option is… duhn duhn duuuhhnnnnnn TAKE-AWAY… 
But, you promised yourself, you’d look after your health, love your guts, and wave goodbye to the winter weight?! SO, what the hell do you do?

Don’t worry I got you 🙂 I’m always here to help a sister out and keep you true to your goals!

You can still head out for dinner dates, still order takeaway and still enjoy all the cuisines your little heart desires!

I think we associate ‘unhealthy’ with takeaway foods, because of the crazy amounts of salt & sugar hidden in the foods, along with huge portions and feeling bad so you eat the entire thing!

I am all for a balanced life, and finding what works for each individual! Plus, if I said no more take-away what kind of life would that even be?! I absolutely love going out for dinner and Ubereats is the best invention ever!!!! 😀


So how can we remain mindful and choose the best options when eating out?

A few words to the wise before heading out to grab your meal,

  • Scan the menu before you arrive, then you won’t be distracted by the sweet smells, and food envy as dishes go by. You can pick your meal with a level head


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for sides, changes to your dish or sauces on the side. This is YOUR meal…


  • If you can’t finish your meal, don’t force yourself. Ask for a doggy bag and boom leftovers!


  • CHEW CHEW CHEW, I sound like a broken record, but they key to enjoying a meal and not over-eating is to savour every bite, chew, taste, smell. It also makes your digestive system much happier, you’ve broke down the meal better and you won’t suffer the horrid, bloat, gas etc. later.


  • Share dishes! If you are with a group of friends, all ordered a dish and share them! You won’t overindulge and you get to try a little bit of everything.


  • Don’t be too strict or hard on yourself, you are in control of your own life and food is our friend 😀 There is no need to fear any meal so enjoy whatever you chose without any guilt of pressure!

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I’m going to break it down super simple for you, so let’s take a look at the best options when ordering out;



Yassss – Japanese is a great option, most of the time the produce is fresh and high quality. Try the Miso Soup, Edamame Beans, Sashimi, Brown Rice and all their authentic selections!

There are so many options here that are loaded with fresh vegetables, lean meats and good fats.

Sidestep Sista – Tempura anything (sorry this is the low quality deep fried stuff) anything covered in mayonnaise or sticky sauces.

Remember fresh is best! When the ingredients are quality you don’t need all the crap on top!



Yassss – Find an authentic Italian restaurant and errything will be fresh, authentic and minimal ingredients… which means – Wholesome Heart tick of approval!

Think crust pizza, loaded with veggies and they usually throw on some rocket too, the bonus with authentic Italian, is they don’t overdo it with the cheese – remember quality over quantity.

You could even try a Pasta Primavera, which covers veggies like zucchini, capsicum and is a tomato based sauce, again the quality of the pasta matters here too. Bolognaise, Marinara or Napolitana are beautiful sauces too!

If you’re worried you’ve ordered a little heavy… order a side salad or side veggies eat those first and then jump into your main meal – you won’t be so inclined to overeat or indulge.

 Sidestep Sista – Creamy pasta sauces, heavy loaded cheese dishes, most ‘fast-food’ Italian places won’t use the quality and deliciousness of the real deal.

Don’t forget Italian is great to share a pizza or even a pasta, order a side salad, or veggies too! Then you get the best of all worlds and a beautiful experience.


Share The Wholsome Heart Vibe!


Yassss – Thai can be a great choice, as they cook with fresh herbs and beautiful fresh flavours. Stick to steamed fish, veggie rich stir-fry’s, rice paper rolls, Thai-beef salad.

Sidestep Sista – If you’re worried about their sauces, don’t be afraid to ask for the sauce on the side and drizzle at your own pleasure. They aren’t the ones who have to deal with the heavy, bloated, uncomfortable feelings later.

Be mindful of some dishes that may use sweetened coconut milk or high sugar sauces, like satay, or some curries. This is another reason I love cooking at home now, I can make a satay sauce that tastes better and won’t leave me feeling guilty or sick!! or even better this incredible LAKSA!



Yassss – Soft-shell tortillas are healthier, but even better check out the naked burrito bowl!! Fajitas are the best because you can make your own and load up on all the good veggies and fill yourself up! Opt for beans and salad to increase your fibre too.

Sidestep Sista –  Steer clear of sour cream and extra cheese… and unfortunatly those nachos… are nacho friend.

Mexican is sooo easy to make at home! Using quality goats cheeses, wholegrain tortillas or better yet make your own grain-free version!! I love using Mexican spices! Check out my Mexican recipe here!

Old Skool – Pub Meal

Yassss – Stick with simple Grilled steak, fish, salmon or lean meats. Don’t worry you can enjoy some chippes, just fill up on your salad, veggies and meat, then share the chippes – win win!

Sidestep Sista – Crumbed and fried are not your friend …

BUT I have a delish chicken Schnitty recipe that tastes way better – and it’s freaking simple! Quicker than any counter meal.

So now we have that sorted, you can put your mind at ease the next time you work late and need to grab some dinner on the way home.

The best thing about home cooked meals is even when you don’t have much time you can re-create all of these meals and make them ALL wholesome heart healthified, no guilt, just all flavour and nourishing ingredients.


So, make sure you head over to the recipe page and see a few of my favourite recreations. If there is something you love and would like me to recreate with a wholesome heart tick of approval let me know and I’ll get right on to it!!

FOOD IS FUN – haha and freaking delicious!
Let’s take away the stress and fear and create some damn good meals!



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