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My Journey … from rock bottom health to finding my authentic self and falling back in love with my life.

Hi (I wish you could see my big cheesy grin :D) I am so grateful you popped over to check out my page! My name is Jasmine and and this is a little snippet of the path that bought me to where I am today! A health rollercoaster is the best way to describe it. This is me, raw, real and as authentic as I can be.

As a I child was continuously sick, on god knows amounts of antibiotics and never at full health… there was always something going on. I always had gut issues, food intolerances (Gluten, Lacotse & Fructose), chronic constipation, continuous bouts of tonsillitis and gastro, kidney issues, acne, unable to sleep (the list could go on, but these were the main issues)… yet even after all of these constant messages from my body, the penny still hadn’t dropped that I needed to do something, I just assumed this was life and I had to deal with it. I mean, everyone gets sick, right?

As my early twenties came around, nothing changed, I was continuously taking sick days and always lacking energy. I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety and extremely High Blood Pressure when I was 20. I came in and out of good times and bad, it wasn’t until 2014 when it became unbearable. I started taking sleeping tablets and drinking more, anything to numb the pain. I sadly would harm myself, and do anything to take me away from the pain. There was nothing my family or friends could do. Speaking of family and friends, majority of them had no idea I was suffering. I was extremely talented at hiding behind a mask. I was working in a great paying corporate job, always out partying with friends, however underneath was a different story. I feel like this is something many people suffer from, we show the world our highlight reel, yet underneath we are suffering. I want you to know that you are not alone, and you don’t need to pretend anymore.


In 2016, my health took a final turn, my body had given up sending me warning signs to change my lifestyle…

It decided it was time for a boulder to (literally) stop me in my tracks. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after a bout of Glandular Fever. I was forced to stop work immediately, and I physically was unable to do anything. I was bed bound 24-7. Walking from my bed to the bathroom was a challenge and if I wanted to take a shower that took hours of rest and sometimes an impossible task. It is very hard to describe CFS, it is also a ‘silent illness’, you may look completely healthy but your body is not, which makes recovery and awareness even harder as a sufferer. Currently it is incurable, however I wont let it run my life. It does not define who I am.

To compare Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to tiredness, is to compare a tsunami to a ripple in a pond!

This was very difficult for me to comprehend, as I was unable to socialize, unable to work, unable to exercise, the most basic of tasks were ripped right from underneath me.

After this whammy hit me, I really started to look at my life and all of the choices I had made up until this point. Was this the Jasmine I wanted to be, unhealthy, constantly sick, fake, hiding behind a mask? Was I fulfilling any passions? Hobbies? ANYTHING remotely authentic??? The answer was simple, NO.

My body had been screaming at me to stop and listen and I continued to shut it up with medications, alcohol, food and punishment. This is not someone I wanted to be and now as I write this, I cant believe the disrespect I had shown my body.

Empowering busy women to THRIVE not just survive in this demanding world! From Smoothies to Self-Care! Plus NEW RECIPES EVERY WEEK!

This is me now…

This is me now, sitting in one of my many happy places… YOGA!

Yoga shows you there is no judgment, no competition, it is just a place to nurture, to strengthen and balance your body. A place that represents all of my values and beliefs.

I’m still learning my body and healing from CFS, but it’s a journey that I am so grateful for.

“Don’t dim your light, so that those around you can feel comfortable. Advise them to wear shades in your presence.”

My story is most definitely not all doom and gloom! It’s amazing that something so physically and mentally debilitating, was a blessing in disguise! I am beyond grateful that these things happened to me because it allowed me (or forced me) to find the authentic version of myself that I had wanted to be for so long. I was able to educate myself and make the choices to heal and nourish my body! I learnt (and am still learning) to listen to my body and hear the whispers of what it needed to move forward. When you learn to love yourself whole heartedly for every pimple, every ache and really appreciate it for every single breathe you take your body will give back ten-fold.

I created The Wholesome Heart to share my journey (which I am still on, forever learning) my lessons and my mistakes and to create a space for like-minded women, so we can grow and continue to learn together. I want you to feel empowered to respect your body, to love your career, enjoy time doing things you love and most importantly surrounding yourself with empowering people.

I am now a living and breathing example of what I believe in. I wake up before my alarm (9 times out of 10 haha), I take the opportunity to nourish my body at every meal, I surround myself with strong like-minded people whom I love and adore, I created a job that literally makes my heart burst! All of these things make it so easy to enjoy everyday and go to sleep at night with a grateful heart of everything I achieved that day and that the universe has in store for me tomorrow.

I am human, I still have shitty days… but I still have a full heart! The difference is, now I don’t dwell on things I cant change, instead I change the things I can!

I am a now Health & Nutrition Coach, I also have my Cert III (Group Fitness Instructor) & IV (Personal Trainer) in fitness, and continuously educating myself to further educate my clients!

However, there is absolutely no pressure to become a client. You can still enjoy this site for everything I intended it for. Helping you to love and nourish yourself from the inside out! Living your life with purpose and a Wholesome Heart.

If you would like to know What exactly a Health and Nutrition Coach is, click here.

I want you to bring Self Love, Self Care and Self Appreciation to your life EVERYDAY!

You’ve been criticizing yourself for years… and it hasn’t worked, so lets create an environment where we can flourish together!

I would love to hear from you, if you connected with my story please leave a comment below, or just say hi!

Sending all the loving vibes your way,

Jasmine x

Empowering busy women to THRIVE not just survive in this demanding world! From Smoothies to Self-Care! Plus NEW RECIPES EVERY WEEK!

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DISCLAIMER: Please remember everything I write is based on my own personal experience and learning and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. It does not take into account your goals or medical situation. Before acting on any information, you should consider the appropriateness of the information provided and the nature of your own health care needs. Please contact you Integrative Doctor or professional before making any lifestyle changes.